During every struggle to reach for a dream there is a will that grows stronger and stronger.

In 35 years, Tertius gathered many life experiences he mastered in all platforms of his career. When the long awaited dream of farming and harvesting his own land came his way , he felt that his life circle was complete and his serenity balanced. Through keeping the faith, and praying, he was rewarded with a small piece of land that entered his life in a miraculous way – a small and neglected block of vineyard

That is history!

Today this piece of rejected vineyard produces an exclusive wine.Harvested, at the beginning, only 750 kg and today up to 12 tons, Tertius continues to live his dream. 

An accountant in a profession , otherwise a hard ( and heart ) driven farmer after hours, weekends, sometimes day and night.Like the exceptional love for farming …

A 1.56-hectare vineyard is nurtured like an orphan. 

Visits from town to nurture and pay attention from the roots to the suckling grapes, and thanking God for His natural ways in working nature.



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